Are you PR ready?

Published On: April 15th, 2021Categories: Public Relations

Have you decided it’s time to incorporate PR into your business plan but you are not sure where to start?

Many businesses will see their competitors achieving media coverage for their brands and immediately want to compete. Building PR into your business planning is always a good idea however it is not simply a case of jumping in.

PR for the sake of doing PR will not add value to your business in the long term. The first port of call is to consider how PR will help you deliver your overall business objectives. What are your goals for the business this year? Where do you want to position yourself in the market? What’s your story and how can this be crafted to promote the people behind the business and not just the product? Who are your customers and what are you saying, when and how?

Working with an experienced PR agency helps you to develop this plan in an informed way bringing in an independent perspective and media expertise so you are developing stories that will resonate with the right people, on the right channel at the right time.

A picture paints a thousand words….

The key consideration many businesses overlook is imagery. To increase your chances of media coverage, you must have high quality professional images of your business, your spokespeople and your products. Your PR agency can advise you on the images you need and recommend excellent photographers to cover all key areas from personal brand photography to product photography to press photography. They are different disciplines so choosing the right photographer for the right job is important and it is worth the investment. Please don’t use Billy who is a friend of a friend and took photos at a recent wedding!

Video storytelling….

Social media is a key component of all PR strategies and video footage of your business or product launch etc will increase engagement on your platforms. Consider investing in a videographer to develop a bank of footage that you can use as content when you need it. Use a videographer that understands social media and can provide you with short edits and teaser videos that will work to the brief and retain your audience’s attention.

Practice makes perfect….

PR is much more than media relations. It is using opportunities and stories to build reputation and loyalty across various aspects of your business from speaking engagements to events to corporate social responsibility. To drive an effective PR strategy you need to consistently build relationships with media and stakeholders over time. As the face of the business, you need to understand what media and stakeholders need and respond accordingly. You need to work on how you communicate and tailored media training is another important service your PR agency can provide you with to ease those nerves, practice and hone what you want to say.

Most PR is free and a highly effective way to promote your business. It is not guaranteed, you are pitching against many more businesses for a journalist’s attention. It is a gamble that can pay off but make sure you increase your odds and invest in your PR toolkit before you start.